My World

My world starts from My Family and ends with My Friends. My mom-dad and bros are very special for me. They pamper me a lot. Mom teaches me a sociality and dad shows a practical world. They are my base supports, on which I stands without any fear!!! My little bro encourages me for my studies, my look, my style & my behaviour. However, I look today, it just bcoz of him and my dad. Moreover, what I say about my big B, he is a too secretive person more than me...:) If want to save money then I must have to follow him. My mom-dad is too lovable & careful and they ever gives me each n every thing whichever I wants. They want to see me happy, and I want to see them happy including me...:) I love them tooo muchhhh... a lot!!!! Now, I am going to introduce my friends which are 2nd part of my life.

A true friend is someone you can disagree with and still remains best friends. I met so many, not too many, people and get along very well with everyone. From that, today I have some good friends and some best friends, but the two personality very closed to my heart and they named are jas urfe Jasmin and Kinjal. I feel very lucky to have them in my life as my close friends. They are not too much but so much nice to me bcoz they ever shout on me..:P Many times they hurts bcoz of our cross thinking & my argued on their orders, and for that I am very sorry. We are much closed and sometimes this will be a biggest problem between us when we hurt from each other's silly chat. Another person, things & phone's interfere not allowed when we three meets, this is my made rule that we all follows in each meeting. We hate interference but sometimes we does much quarrel bcoz of other people & it's so wrong, so we ever tries to avoid this but still we do this mistakes again & again.....kya kare bachche hai na....:0....

We are together since 11 years. It is a too long period!!!! Our nature & behaviours are too differing from each other. We are like a north-south pole but after that a very strong bonding between we 3 IDIOTS. 'Uttarayan' is our most favourite festival and each year we celebrate it at my home on every 14th January. On that day, I want to do much masti n fun with my all friends and to stay with them whole day. My mumma understands this thing very well, so she gives me a break from a kitchen. This understanding I also expect from my mother-in-law. I know all moms are very very good and they ever understand their daughters and daughter-in-laws. Though, I am not interested in cooking but I love eating, it's toooooo yummyyyy ...lolz..!!!! All says that life teaches us but I must have to say that my family & my friends teach me more than a life. They always do support and encourage me for my positives and ever insist me for my negatives. They all are a reason of my smile and my happy life, I love you all.!!! Jas and kinjal, I heartily thanking you to accept me & keep me along with you. Actually, I want to say that you accept me, however I am, without any complaints but I know how many complaints you did....lolz..... I knew, after read this you slapped me when I will come to you... But, remember if anytime you think to leave me then I will surely slapped you.......Loves you....!!!!!!! 

"Enjoy The Life" 

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